Performance Dance



The following comments were solicited from my students who participated in an informal newspaper article:

 -- Gives me grace, mental activity and coordination.  Keeps my mind and body agile and facile.  It touches the soul with elegance and passion.

--  Dance has always been part of my life.  I can’t imagine not doing it in some form.  Ballet makes me feel stretcher and stronger, and the process of working towards improvements is centering and satisfying.  Getting a little bit better makes me want to work more effectively all the time.  Music is lovely too.

--  Ballet is not what you do it is who you are.  It becomes as much a part of you as the air you breathe.

--  Dance is my life.  When I dance I cannot hate.  I cannot judge.  I can only be whole and authentic.  That is why I dance.

--  I take ballet to fulfill my desire and passion to move and express myself to music.  Adult Ballet is great because it has created a non intimidating environment (no awesomely talented teenagers!)  Also the strengthening benefits are amazing.  I go to the chiropractor less than I did before I started because of how strong it has made my back.  

--  I love taking ballet with Nancy.  It is wonderful exercise and enhances my salsa dancing.  Thank you.  

--  I first discovered ballet at 23.....I never felt comfortable with group sports, and other than some skiing and horseback riding, didn't do much of anything physical until I joined a ballet exercise class at the Yale gym (I got my first job as acancer research assistant at Yale Med.) to meet guys...fell in love with ballet.
--  Ballet for me is not only a way to stay physically fit - strength, stamina, flexibility - but emotionally and intellectually fit as well.  I love the music and coordinating my movements to the music; the mental challenge of learning and remembering combinations; the meditative aspect of focusing solely on what I am doing that very moment; and probably most of all, the lifelong learning of never reaching my best...I can always walk into class knowing that I have another level to reach.  I also love the social aspect of being in class with others who feel the same way, and how wonderful that we are all aging gracefully!  p.s. one more key point.....I have been blessed to find several teachers of adult ballet who treat me just as though I was a gifted tween with perfect turnout, long legs, and lovely feet.....even though I have none of those things..but they see the potential in me and are excited to work with what I have.  Awesome.  

--  I take ballet for fun.   I am married to a very serious man.  I have to make my own time fun.  Ballet allows me to do that while finding peace, excercising my mind, body and improving posture.  The positive changes in posture and carriage of  the body also lead to increased confidence and ease in social settings.  No longer do my shoulders roll forward when I'm in a new or unexpected environment!  The classes allow me to expand my network and have a few laughs.
--  As a former professional modern dancer who stopped dancing for 15 years to work at a magazine, raise a family and facilitate my husband's medical school studies I always held onto the identity of being a dancer.  When I moved to Wilton, Ct and discovered several ballet studios I was able to re-incorporate dance back into my life.  Now I never want to let it go:  To achieve balance on half point is exhilarating. To accomplish a clean double pirouette is a source of pride. To execute a grand jete is to fly.  Don't we all yearn to fly?  When we start the barre with our plies I feel a viseral connection to the music and all the other dancer as we move in unison.  It is very grounding and satisfying, like being at home.

--  Dancing is the language of the heart. For 90 minutes, I can be totally silent, yet say a thousand words. Ballet is my passion. It is my language.

--  I consider ballet as a psychological conditioning.  It makes me feel younger, graceful, and constantly conscious of my demeanor.  In reality, I have become more limber and have a better posture.  Besides, I believe that I belong to a community of women who share a deep passion and rise courageously and joyfully on their tip-toes.  I am so grateful to Nancy who has helped me reconnect with this exquisite art and rediscover the little girl within me.

--  I have been taking adult ballet classes for about two years.   It is an extremely challenging workout with benefits of strength, endurance and balance. It not only conditions your body but also conditions your brain by memorizing the combinations and executing them on the right and left sides. I also love listening to the beautiful music and striving to dance as beautifully as I can.

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